When everything is getting so busy, it's nice to be able to have all your to-do's in a single spot. Fortunately, HerdOne now lets you create and manage custom reminders for you and your farm. Read on to find out how to add, manage, and complete reminders for HerdOne.

Reminders Page

To add a reminder, navigate to the Reminders page from the side bar and scroll down to the "Add Reminder" section. You have four different options for reminder types: Asset, Livestock, Herd, or Pasture.

Select the type of reminder you would like to set, and then choose which asset, livestock, herd, or pasture you would like to set the reminder for from the drop down list. Then type out the reminder itself in the Description box.

You have two different options as far as the reminder date is concerned.

  1. If you want just a one-time reminder, select the date from the date picker in the Reminder Date box, and ignore the next three boxes.
  2. If you want a recurring reminder, check the Recurring Reminder check box. This will disable the previous Reminder Date box, but it will now allow you to enter a start date and the frequency with which you want your reminders to occur. The frequency options include Daily, Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, and Annually.

Finally, wouldn't it be nice if your reminder was emailed to you instead of you having to check the website all the time? Good news! Just check the Email Me check box, and we'll email your reminders to you on the day they are due.

Hit the "Add Reminder" button, and your latest reminder will show up in the table at the top of the page. Once you complete the reminder, just click the check box for it in the "Is Completed" column.

Your incomplete Reminders will also show up on your dashboard's Notifications Panel as shown below with a note next to it indicating whether the reminder is overdue or not.

Well, that's all for setting reminders! We hope you enjoy this new feature. 

As always, if you have any questions please email us at

Happy Farming!


Breeding Windows

Breeding Windows

Knowing when your livestock are likely to be dropping babies on the ground is very valuable information. The following article walks through how breeding windows and subsequently, due date windows can be calculated by using the sire events on the ManagePasture page.


To record a turn in sire or pull sire event, first navigate to the Pastures page under the "Field Management" drop down on the sidebar. Then navigate to the ManagePasture page by selecting the name of your pasture from the pasture table. 


Once inside the ManagePasture page, you can add a Sire Turn In event. In this example, I'll be using cows and bulls. I have a pasture filled with cows, and I want to record the act of placing a bull inside this pasture. HerdOne not only records this event, but it also displays the date and even calculates the earliest and latest due dates for the cows in that pasture! "Earliest Due Date" is calculated when you turn in the sire, and "Latest Due Date" is calculated when you pull the sire from the pasture. This information will be displayed in the "Livestock In Pasture" tab down at the bottom of the page. 

Here's a step by step: 

1. Select the blue "TurnInSires" button in the top right corner of the page. 

2. Fill out the information in the box that pops up on screen. You can select one or multiple sires.

3. Click "Add Sires." Go down to the "LivestockIn Pasture" table, and notice how the cows now have a "Turn In Date" and an "Earliest Due Date." 

4. When you want to pull your sires from the pasture, just select the blue "Pull Sires" button at the top of the page, select the type of sires you would like to pull and the date you pulled them. In this example, I chose "Cattle", which will remove all three sires I placed in earlier since all three were of the type "Cattle."


This fills out the "Latest Due Date" in the table and removes the sires from the pasture: 

That's it! 

If you messed up, no worries! Just go to the "Sire Turn In Events" tab next to the "Livestock In Pasture" tab, and select the X button in the "Reverse" column. This will remove any breeding window information associated with that event, but it won't remove the sires from the pasture. You'll have to do this manually by clicking the "Remove" link from the "Livestock In Pasture" table. 

Here's a picture of the "Sire Turn In Events" table: 

After reversing the turn in event, the "Livestock In Pasture" table will look exactly the same as it did before turning in the sires.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at

Happy Farming!