Adding Animals to HerdOne

Add Livestock

Select the dropdown menu “Manage Livestock.” Then go to the “Add Livestock” page. Choosing to add a single animal allows you to input information like the animal’s dam and sire, image, castration and registration statuses, and additional attachments.

The following page will appear with different info fields. The only information required when filling out these animal records is the Livestock Type, Category, and ID. It’s recommended however that you provide as much info as possible for each animal. The birthdate and gender are important pieces of data as these are used in algorithms throughout the application to make your experience with HerdOne better.

The information that can be provided falls under purchase info, if applicable, identification, description, and familial status.

If you are still unsure about what each box entails or cannot see pastures, sires, etc. that you've added, select the blue "i" icon to the right to reveal a brief explanation and criteria as to whether it is required. If you wish to add more animals but are limited, consider upgrading to a higher tiered price plan.

Add Bulk Livestock

If you want add multiple animals at a time, from the Dashboard select “Manage Livestock,” then “Add Bulk Livestock.” This method is ideal if you have animals with a similar makeup (i.e. breed, color, age) as well as sequential numeric ID tags (i.e. 1-20).

On the purchase price and purchase weight fields, enter the total price and total weight for the lot/group of animals. An average will be calculated and assigned to each animal upon insertion.

Once the bulk add has occurred, you can navigate to the “Livestock View” page and edit an animal by clicking the pencil icon located under the “Actions” column.

Please feel free to email us at if you have additional questions as well.

Happy Farming